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Target Review

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Popular item dancer Mumait Khan got a promotion as an artiste with 'Operation Duryodhana". Later, she turned a heroine and did a handful of heroine-oriented films. But none of the films could prove hits commercially. The reason behind this failure is that the directors chose to portray Mumait"s glamour and oomph but did not extract her acting talents. Mumait too realised the reason behind the successive failures. However, Ramesh Raja prepared an excellent story, where Mumait got an opportunity to prove her acting talents, with less number of dances with revealing outfits. The final output came out in a neat way. The selection of other artistes like Sivabalaji and Shraddha Das, who have no glamour, became an advantage to highlight the lead character.

Nandini (Mumait Khan) is a popular novelist. She used to pen the novels with her sister"s name Mandakini (Saira Bhanu). Nandini loves Mandakini very much. Mandakini falls in love with a boxer called Rahul (Riyaz Khan) and reveals it her sister. Nandini, who leaves for Kerala to learn about Marma Kala (a typical martial art) to pen a novel, starts a video chat with Mandakini and accidentally comes to know that the latter was raped by a police officer Madhu (Viswajit Pradhan), with the connivance of Rahul. Later, Mandakini commits suicide.

This irks Nandini and forces her to take revenge against Rahul and Madhu. Incidentally, she makes use of the Marma Kala, which she learnt in Kerala to kill Rahul and the case gets into the hands of Madhu. Madhu realises that it was Nandini who killed Rahul and thought of eliminating her. But Nandini did not give him that chance and arranges an accident where he suffers serious injuries. So, the DGP (Vizag Prasad) hands over the case to Bose (Sivabalaji) at the instance of Veda (Shraddha Das). Bose, as part of investigation meets Nandini believing that she is Mandakini and interrogates her. He could not find any clues. At this juncture, an unidentified person attacks Nandini and Bose admits her to hospital. Later, he befriends with her as he was sure that it was she who killed Rahul, as she mentioned Marmakala in her book found with Rahul and he dies under the impact of the same martial arts technique.

At the same time, Bose tells Veda and Vasu (Krishna Bhagawan) to investigate the other aspects. They identify the person who attacked Nandini, but on learning this, he gets killed by another unidentified person. Everyone believe that Mandakini took revenge for her attack. However, in the climax, Bose, Veda and Vasu come to know the truth and realise that her next target is Madhu. As was expected Nandini eliminates Madhu. But Vasu tells Bose that as police they had killed many in encounters and the act of killing the two crooks by Nandini is nothing but an encounter. The film comes to an end with the unveiling of Mandakini"s latest novel 'Tsunami" and Bose going to Mumbai on a new mission.


After a long time, Mumait"s acting talents and performance are widely visible on the screen. Especially, the director needs to be complimented for extracting her acting talents instead of using her as extended role of item girl. The highlight of the film is the climax fight between Mumait Khan and Viswajit Pradhan. Koti gave melodious music and used very less music and ensured the audiences enjoy the lyric in a couple of songs. The other songs, aimed at attracting the masses had huge music with lots of English and Hindi words used in the lyric. Dialogues by Veligonda Srinivas are good in parts. However, the comedy tracks with Vijaya Ranga Raju, Krishna Bhagawan, Kondavalasa Lakshmana Rao are hilarious and gave good relief to the audiences. Editing by Ramesh and camera by Sureshkumar are adequate. Shraddha Das sizzled in an oomph song with heavy exposing and such tricks are justified and necessary to attract mass audiences.


Though Krishna Bhagawan"s character was etched with brilliance to give instant comedy, such personalities could not be seen in real life and it amounts to insubordination. A junior officer should not use his large mouth in front of senior police officials. The editor ignored to notice a minor lapse in Shraddha Das" entry. The glass door which she opens had an emblem of FNCC (Film Nagar Cultural Club), though she is said to have entered into the CBCID headquarters. Likewise, the character played by Vijaya Ranga Raju evoked laughter but it was not properly established in what way his performance helped in running the story. But for such minor lapses the film is good to watch.


With the realisation to Mumait Khan that performance alone could bring her glory, the film had come out well. The film nearly reached the expectations. Though the film"s release was delayed enormously due to some financial and technical problems, the film earned the talk of above average to moderate hit. Surely the producer would get back his investment and in case the films that are going to hit the screen in the coming weeks remain average, there won"t be any problem for the smooth running of this film.

Cast: Mumait Khan, Sivabalaji, Shraddha Das, Krishna Bhagawan, Riaz Khan, Ali, Viswajit Pradhan, Venumadhav, Malladi Raghava, Vizag Prasad, Kondavalasa Lakshmana Rao, Vallabhaneni Janardhan, Satyam Rajesh, Vijayaranga Raju, Raghunatha Reddy, Sarat, Raghava, Akshaya Aravind, Prasad, Gauthamraju, V. Madhu, Sairabanu, and others

Credits: Music – Koti, Dialogues – Veligonda Srinivas, Camera – VN Suresh Kumar, Editing – K Ramesh, Art – K Muralidhar, Action – Vijay, Story, Presents – Pratani Ramakrishna Goud, Producers – Sangisetty Dasarath and B Ramakrishna, screenplay and direction – Ramesh Raja.

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