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06 Jan 2012


Players movie is the remake of Italian Job movie. It is about a team of thieves who plan to steal gold bullion from a former associate who double crossed them....
  • m-dorendra-singha 4 years ago

    Abhi paa -G , First of all, change your appearance(Looks). You must understand that its twenty twelve era. Always, Blazer, Jacket ...Blazer, Jacketlooking so boring to all. Try to add some Masala Budy! 95% of audience don't like your appearance in Cinema.

  • manoj 4 years ago

    you are very much right rocky & jai, amitabh bachan can pay directors/producers to have abishek in films but his money is running out. Only bachans try to play cunning, they are greedy but they cant or should think twice before, trying to compete with the deols. Deols are much much bigger than the bachans. Bobby deol is much better than abishek bachan in all fields.

  • sunil 4 years ago

    You are right amitabh bachchan can pay any amount to directors for taking abhishek in their film.Afterall he is now arabpati after KBC!Yes abhishek is panauti... But i feel sorry for bobby deol,he is really cheated here.

  • siddhu 4 years ago

    dude u forgets RGV's name....AMITABH & ABHISHEK made him kangaal with AAG,darna zaroori h,sarkar 2,now abbas mustan...............they are morons,they casted abhishek(panauti) instead of BOBBY and they thought they are making blockbuster.BOBBY is cheated by his mentors abbas mustan.This industry is not fair.

  • rocky 4 years ago

    if abishek bachchan WAS NOT IN Players, Players would have been a super hit. Bobby Deol would have carried the film on his shoulders.wonder how much money did papa amitabh bachchan pay abbas mustan to cast abishek in the movie!!.

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