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Queen (U/A)

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07 Mar 2014


Queen movie is about a small-town Indian girl, who decides to go on her honeymoon alone. Rani (Kangana Ranaut) is a 24 year old Punjabi girl staying in Delhi. ...
  • neha a year ago

    Awsm movie no second thought. ....must watch.....inspiration for me....

  • Rahul a year ago

    Loved Queen movie..Kangna did a fav job... Keep releasing this kind of movies.

  • Sanam a year ago

    lovely movie...great work...

  • maya a year ago

    The description is wrong, her to be fiance does not get killed, he calls off the wedding leaving rani to deal with the consequences from her family and friends. Unless the movie changes depending on where it is shown the story or synopsis description is wrong.

  • Maddy a year ago

    QUEEN ROCKS....!!! Kangana Ranaut is at her best...!! I showed it to my Queen...!! It is hilarious to the core with a tinge of not for Dhoodh peete people. Bhaiyas and Bhabhis and uncle and aunts with an open mindset, go watch it. After years have heard people clapping and laughing in the theatre. Way to go Kangana....!!!

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