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Anurag Kashyap

10 Sep 1972 (Age 42)


Anurag Kashyap (born September 10, 1972) is a critically acclaimed[1] Indian film director and screenwriter. As a director, he is known for Black Friday (2004), a controversial...
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  • Ankit Chauhan 9 months ago

    Prakatdinchya Haardik Subechha

  • rinku-kashyap 2 years ago

    Dear Sir, Happy Birthday

  • rinku-kashyap 2 years ago

    Dear Sir, Happy Birthday

  • suvo 3 years ago

    Dear Sir, We’ve decided that from Khulna Film Society, we will publish a little mag about films targeting December 2012. In that magazine, there will be different sections including various types of writings & articles. We’ve made a panel of editors from our society to accomplish the goal. From them, I request you to write an article for our magazine. It may be any of topics of films on your wish, but will be better about current concepts, positions of Indian films. I am communicating early so that if you wish, you can get around 2-3 months to complete that. Please, think about our request & consider that & answer me. You can send any type of Suggestion which will be valuable for us. Thankfully, Suvo Khulna Film Society pls sir r u interested pls sir send u r mail address . this my mail shahed.suvo@gmail.com

  • saurabh-dosar 4 years ago

    Sir, I am a true fan of urs GULAL and keen intrested to know d relatity of HINDI.. not d way u depict it but fan of ur courage u make it.. i really wanna know d art of making d things for d people of INDIA.. I congrats u for ur marriage !!!!

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