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Taare Zameen Par (U)

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21 Dec 2007


Ishaan Awasthi (Darsheel Safary) is an eight-year-old whose world is filled with wonders that no one else seems to appreciate; colors, fish, dogs and kites are ...
  • xkentzkiex 2 years ago

    taare im your fans kenneth i will proud of your the best actor for me plz reply

  • sylvia 5 years ago

    Greatest Movie I have ever seen. Look at it aleast 8times

  • akheel 6 years ago

    A must watch movie for all.. You rock Aamir..

  • kavitha 7 years ago

    The Movie

  • ami 7 years ago

    ...errr, what do you know about SRK and Aamir as human beings actually? It's not like you, or any of us commenting here, know what they are like in real life. We just know their public persona.. and if you think that's how they really are in person, I think you've been watching too many Bollywood movies, yaar.

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