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10 Dec 1935 (Age 79)


Thilakan is an Indian film actor (malayalam) born on 12 September 1938 who mainly works on Malayalam cinema and Theatre His original name is Surendranatha Thilakan . He started...
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  • peter 5 years ago

    the most splendid actor who step in to malayalam industry.. He is full of talent ..

  • ranjith 6 years ago

    we are supporting you sir all my Dubai kerala friends are with you you should fight with him we are with you dont warry thilakan is the best

  • tony 6 years ago

    Thilakan uncle deserves cootos for stading up for what he belives in. fans association for mammootty and mohanlal needs to quiet down, they need to get a day job ie gunda pani... Thilakn is a versatile actor in malayalam industry.. i would stop watching mammotty and mohanlal movies if thilakan is not acting... an actor like thilkan deserves more... sad..

  • ravindran 6 years ago

    I do support you,you are telling the real fact,you will win ,you are supported by the people

  • malayalee 6 years ago

    hey Mr.thilkan, Dont you have any job?You are eldest man in film industry,atleast show your maturity.you are playing stupid dramma for somebody else.we dont want you people anymore in film.just give chance to upcoming artist.we malayalee cannot tolerate anymore this dirty game.we dont want to hear cheap discussion in the public. request for all media:why are you wasting time for these people.do some better things fed up

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