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Chandra (U)

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27 Jun 2013


Chandra movie story based on the life of a last generation princess and her love story. And it is a reincarnation love story with two blue blooded lead ...
  • kannadiga 2 years ago

    hey idiot Konga! or telugu baddi magane.!! you dont have any right to comment on Prem,He is very tallented actor.He is very very smart guy.even more than 100 times smarter than you idiot!.he is good actor and very SMART that is the reason iyer chosen him along with shriya.!

  • shankar 2 years ago

    Hello mr.Chandra U dont have any rights commemt on anybody bcz u should not define any body anywerecan u do it like prem if u get chance tell

  • manjunath-sharma 2 years ago

    Watched the movie,,,,first day first show...my advice to all those who wanna watch this movie...!Pls keep away from it...its a nonsense movie...not having any entertaining elements at all..!Even the story sucks to the core!...At the end of the movie, I am sure u end up developing murderous tendencies toward its makers!

  • vini 2 years ago

    prem is tooooooooooooo gud.....perfect hero material..

  • jayachandra 2 years ago

    Director roopa,,,, on what basis u selected prem i don't understand,,,, ha as spoiled the whole movie itself,,, u r making dabba actor to act against south indian superstar shriya,,, i dont think he is having any sorts of quality to act in this movie,,, i feel sudeep or yash or darshan would be the best option,,, by selecting prem u have made whole kannadigas to be ashamed off,,, even i'm kannadiga,,, because u have given other people to comment on kannadigas by selecting a boy who doesnt know what is acting,,, and how an actor should be

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