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Kochadaiyaan (U)

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23 May 2014


Kochadaiiyaan is an trilingual (Tamil, Telugu and Hindi) India's First Photorealistic Performance Capture movie starring the Superstar Rajinikanth & ...
  • smgaps a year ago

    Guys, We Tamilians support others, MGR (from Kerala) and Rajini (from Karnataka)...it's enough...Kamal is great & Sivaji was greatest...forget this mogam. BTW I'm from USA, and am against useless guys making money, he can't even talk in KB interview.

  • Mark Vagabond a year ago

    As it is the case of the daughter's tribute to the Superstar, may the die-hard fans working all over world contribute to get the best jigsaw pieces to create the Master-Super-Star-Piece ?

  • Mark Vagabond a year ago

    It is a tribute from a daughter to a Father first, then the global Icon. And the father has done his best for his daughter. It is clearly the case where the cub is taught to catch fish. From that perspective, in my tamil accent I would say, "Antha pulla superaa padatthe appavukkaagha pandiyirukkuthu ."

  • Prahan a year ago

    Before i didn't watch ilike this much intrasting. But till not watch at theater becose in japan still not released

  • Spinking a year ago

    I saw this movie(in 3D) in Melbourne and there was only 3 people watching, including me. The movie is not a disappointment for me. Because, I never expected much. In fact, it was better than what I thought. Animations are a joke in this movie. All the actors seems to walk like they have lower back problem. Everybody's buttocks seems to be in same shape, especially that of all the ladies and that of Rajini. Needless to say that facial expressions and the eyes were just far more of a joke. Why everybody have their eyes like a light globe? I think Rajini must have passed this movie because it was his daughter and he doesn't want to discourage her. But the camera work (being graphics, I don't know who gets the credits for it) was superb and background graphics were amazing. Background music was also matching international standard. Editing was just lousy at some scenes. 3D wasn't done properly. Characters in the background looked like giants in some scenes and all the trees were so huge that they looked like they were from a different planet. In the climax scene, when Rajini holds the sword, it looked like one hell of a sword. Not much can be said off the acting. Because, everybody were talking and moving like a "Bommai". Sharat Kumar didn't even looked like him. Nagesh did look like him, but if they said it was Sharukh Khan, I may have to believe it. Only Jackie Shroff and Shanmugam seems to talk and move a bit better. Also, they got the animations right on some scenes of Rajini in the second half. At least they could have chosen a true historical story than about someone whom we have no idea about. Overall, I can give 3/5, just because it is a new effort and there were some aspects which were very very good. My advice to Soundarya is, if you can't afford it, don't attempt it. If you are blind, don't attempt to drive a car. It's as simple as that.

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