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Reel turns into real for Shahrukh

By: By: Subhadeep Bhattacharjee
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Two years back Shahrukh Khan had said My Name Is Khan was his dream movie as it will portray the lives of Muslims around the world post 9/11. The movie will focus on the isolation and insecurity among the Indian Muslims travelling and residing in US. Little did he know that he will have hands on experience of the mental ordeal that thousands of Muslims have gone through since the day the Twin Towers came down eight years back.

My Name Is Khan talks about the story of Rizwan Khan (Shahrukh Khan) suffering from Asperger syndrome who lives an ordinary life in San Francisco. The disease makes it difficulties for him to socially interact with people. Life goes normal for him until he is detained by the US security agencies who mistake his disability for suspicious behaviour. His name matches with another terror suspect and life goes from bad to worse for Rizwan.

As like the movie Shahrukh was detained by the US Customs and Border Protection because his name was similar to one in US Government's list of suspected terrorists. Although US agencies have denied this they haven't given any valid reasons why Shahrukh had to go through a two hour ordeal when all his papers were in places. Shahrukh had himself claimed that the investigating officer had mentioned that there was some confusion with his name.

India has had mixed reactions on Shahrukh's detention at the Newark International Airport. Some have asked the Government to take up the issue with the US authorities while others have dismissed this a regular security measure in the United States. There were some celebrities who even took a dig at King Khan for expecting not to be examined owing to his superstar status in India. But not every Indian flying to US goes through similar security checks either.

Whatever may be the outcome of all this Shahrukh Khan has definitely lived the character of Rizwan Khan in those two hours at the Newark International Airport. The incident has definitely made Shahrukh more wiser about the character in My Name is Khan. Shahrukh for now has to relive his real life moments moment on the reel and his dream movie might just be the best performance of his lifetime.

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