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Madras Cafe (U/A)

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23 Aug 2013
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Madras Cafe is captivating, compelling and engaging throughout. It's a wake up for those filmgoers, who just look upto to a movie for some mindless giggles and laughters only. Madras Cafe exposes the long lost realities and brutal conspiracies in our politics and the sufferings of our fellow brothers during civil wars, that are left back in the dusty pages of history.

MADRAS CAFE is an earnest and honest effort, a terrific thriller, with several poignant moments and episodes that leave a stunning impact. It's a film that you should watch because it gives you an insight into an exceptionally pertinent episode of history. If you are in the frame of mind to watch superior quality, sensible cinema, I would strongly recommend MADRAS CAFE to you. Try not to miss it!
MADRAS CAFE is one of the finest thrillers to come out of India. No two opinions on that!


Madras Cafe dives boldly into terrain Bollywood hasn't touched before. Its arsenal features research, respect and bravely, no songs.
Note: If you like typical Hindi movie masala, unrealistic action or melodrama, this movie is not for you.

After "Vicky Donor", we know Sircar is comfortable exploring innovative cinematic territory.
Here, he tells an edgy disturbing provocative but rational and fair-minded story that takes mainstream Bolywood cinema kicking and screaming into a new horizon.
This is cinema signifying a coming-of-age with unforgettable visuals and drama and a rousing mature career-defining performance by its leading man.
Get off the train, baby. This is arguably the best political thriller that Bollywood has so far given us.

Madras Cafe is a sinewy and riveting espionage thriller that entertains without having to play to the gallery.
Madras Cafe is not your average Bollywood thriller. It crackles with genuine energy and is marked by true empathy for humanity.
It is an unqualified triumph.

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