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06 Feb 2015
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Shamitabh Review

Shamitabh may not be perfect from start to finish, come on which film is! So by that standard there are a lot of times when you feel the story is dragged or that there are way too much of tug-of-war moments between lead characters but what makes up for all the minus points is the riveting performances by the actors in the movie. R Balki has directed it well, barring the complicated climax scenes.

Verdict: Shamitabh is a treat to watch owing to the lead actors of the film, Amitabh Bachchan and Dhanush. They have made the movie fun and entertaining covering up the film's weak plot. This movie is a must watch, so book your tickets soon!

R. Balki, who had earlier directed the legendary Amitabh Bachchan in two of the path breaking films viz., CHEENI KUM and PAA, has really tried his best to continue this 'tradition' with SHAMITABH as well. Even though Balki has tried his level best to define every moment of the film, the viewers may find something amiss (esp. in the second half). The characters in the film are very relatable and very real, however, the film's weak storyline falters the film.

On the whole, SHAMITABH has an out-of-the-box and unusual plot that will appeal only to a niche audience. Go for it only if you are a hardcore Bachchan fan.

The performances is what makes Shamitabh engaging, there are moments in the film that seem to drag and drive home the ego-clashes again and again. It gets tiring and the climax gets unnecessary convoluted.

While Shamitabh may not be gripping from start to finish, it’s a treat to watch its lead actors. They make it work even if it’s not heavy on plot.

Shamitabh is a funny, clever film that is entirely aware of how funny and clever it is, and how that makes it better than most dreary Bollywood releases. Fittingly for a director with roots in advertising, the product placement in Shamitabh is some of the best seen so far.

Much like Balki's previous films, Cheeni Kum and Paa, Shamitabh has a wonderful premise and a good buildup, but flounders as it nears the climax. The end is drearily predictable, particularly since it seems Balki has a pattern for how his films must end. Still, despite the flawed writing, Dhanush and Bachchan make Shamitabh a pleasant enough outing to the movies.

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