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Welcome Back (U/A)

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04 Sep 2015
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There is nothing different about Welcome and Welcome Back, except that the sister is now played by Shruti Haasan and her partner is not an innocent guy but a gangster played by John. Nevertheless, let us tell you what the movie is all about! Uday Shetty (Nana Patekar) and Majnu Bhai (Anil Kapoor) miss a wife in their life! Yes, there are still two single men who have now left the underworld and have become prominent businessmen in the UAE.

The only saving grace in the movie are two people and their chemistry with each other, Anil Kapoor and Nana Patekar. Their hilarious camaraderie manages to keep the movie afloat. John Abraham has done his best, could not really expect more from him.

Well, if you skip to watch, you are not losing out on anything great! But if you are the kind who leaves your brains at home, then Welcome Back is your cup of tea!

Director Anees Bazmee (who also doubles up as the film's writer) needs to be patted on the back for having handled an ensemble cast (read 'plethora of stars'), all under one roof, with utmost ease. All those who loved WELCOME will not be disappointed with WELCOME BACK.

Despite being an ensemble cast, it is the inimitable Nana Patekar and 'jhakaaas' Anil Kapoor who carry the film on their shoulders, both of whom are in full form. This duo pulls all stops to come up with yet another memorable show with WELCOME BACK.

On the whole, if you enjoy slapstick comedy that defies logic and have enjoyed WELCOME, then WELCOME BACK is surely a paisa vasool entertainer for you.

Anees Bazmee is back with the sequel to his vacuous 2007 comedy Welcome and once again it proves to be a laugh riot — at least in the first half of the film. Yes, with nearly 10 main characters trying to run each other over, it is a riot.

Simply leave your brains at home – definitely don’t try understanding the climax – and go have a few laughs this weekend.

Dear fans of Welcome, before you start missing Akshay Kumar’s innocent act, we tell you that it's sequel, Welcome Back, is much more ambitious and the director has concentrated more on the grandeur of the sets than the chemistry between the actors. The trailers promised a larger canvas, but Bazmee hasn’t been successful in getting it just there.

Welcome Back is funny in parts, but that ‘Welcome’ fluidity is missing big time. There are moments but they are very limited in number. Welcome Back’s pace is its biggest asset and that may make you enjoy this 153-minute long film.

When a movie idea overstays its welcome, it matters little whether its movement is back or forth. No matter how hard the makers try to rustle up something akin to a joyride, it can only yield the cinematic equivalent of a stale joke.

Welcome Back, a follow-up to a money-spinning comic romp made all of seven years ago, is as appealing as a dunk in a garbage dump.

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