Girl runs from Iran to meet Shahid Kapoor


    Recent reports of an Iranian lady Pirhana Sahila who ran away from her home in Iran to meet Shahid Kapoor and was sent back to her homeland by the Iranian Consulate were only partially true. It now comes to light that Pirhana got to meet her favourite actor at his home. Shahid not only made time to see her, but offered her with medical and financial help.

    Says a source close to Shahid, "Pirhana landed up at Shahid's building (Raj Classic) a couple of weeks ago and stayed outside his gates. It was the residents of the apartment complex, who informed him about her presence. He waved out to her a few times, thinking that the acknowledgement would be enough to make her leave. But it didn't work."

    Pirhana continued to be a constant presence outside his compound. She appeared a bit emotionally unstable and so a concerned Shahid sent down food, and water to her with a member of his staff." The friend adds, "This went on for a couple of days till the building people warned Shahid that this might encourage her to stay on permanently.

    Shahid was keen to sit down and chat with her for a longer time but his well wishers advised him against that. Shahid finally arranged for some financial aid for her and got in touch with the Iranian Consulate. "Shahid refused to lodge a police complaint to avoid publicity.

    Pirhana finally left last week though she created a scene before boarding the flight as she didn't want to leave without Shahid. After a call from the actor, the Iranian embassy swung into action and she was sent back home.

    Shahid's close friend and director Ahmed Khan admits that Shahid helped out Pirhana, "He's very kind-hearted but he hates anything being written about his personal life and his kind deeds so he doesn't talk about it."

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