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Dilip Kumar

11 Dec 1922 (Age 94)


Yusuf Khan (Hindi: यूसुफ़ ख़ान; Urdu: یوسف خان), popularly known as Dilip Kumar (Hindi: दिलीप कुमार; Urdu: دِلِیپ...
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  • sadiq 9 months ago

    Ur substance and shadow is authentic which proves ur the legend happy birthday

  • Arvind Dhindsa 9 months ago

    Happy Birthday Dilip sb.

  • bablu 9 months ago

    Get well soon baby bablu one

  • Saleem Javed 2 years ago

    Please convey my world to Dilip Kumar "To beg to Allah The Most Merciful Who can forgive all the Sins, done intentianally or unintentianally - before Dilip kumar leave this world. We and the World loved this man.

  • shakeel Ahmed 2 years ago

    An actor par excellence. Long live Dilip Saheb.ur great greater and greatest.

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