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04 Jul 1975 (Age 42)


Gopinath (popularly known as Neeya Naana Gopinath). This is regarding a programme called Neeya Naana? ( You or Me?), a debate show in Vijay TV. Those people who are interested...
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  • Raja 2 years ago

    Very bad quality of you. I saw yesterday (28.2.16) program it was very very worst. You are not interrupting that girl when she insult the boy. U rs support that. Those people come to command another one, Then you u gave the chance to her. U just enjoyed with the girl’s words and her chill expressions. What a worst performance. To bad…

  • vivek 2 years ago

    He is a very talented person. He is my great inspiration right from my childhood. the main objective and goal of my life is to become a star like Neeya Naana Gopinath sir. I will be satisfied even if i become an assistant for him.

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