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Prakash Jha

27 Feb 1952 (Age 65)


Prakash Jha is an Indian film producer-director-screenwriter, who is most known for his political and socio-political films, Damul (1984), Mrityudand  (1997), Gangaajal...
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  • Sat Paul Gupta 3weeks ago

    Name the film simply 'Lipstick' the opposition will fade away.

  • Sat Paul Gupta 3weeks ago

    Dear Prakash ji,

    Your recent movie 'Lipstick under my Burkha' couldn't be released due to objections raised by certain Muslim organisations. It really was quite sad that in a democratic and secular country the film won't be seen by the majority population.
    Just one suggestion: Name your film simply 'Lipstick'. I believe the opposition will fade away.

  • Dheeraj Kumar a year ago

    Thanks be to God for the gifts that he has given you and may you celebrate them many more years. Happy Birthday.

  • Md AMJAD 2 years ago

    He is very good director

  • satyendra kumar 2 years ago

    I am your fan has to see Jai Ganga

  • Anadi Charan 2 years ago

    Sir I am deputy commandant of Border Security Force & now serving in Chhattisgarh , Antagarh area which is mostly Nuxel effected area. Today On 5 ,march 16 I saw your movi Gangajal. Excellent movi roled and directed by you. Priyanka chopra, she is performing her act outstanding. Its the real story in our society. Really this type of act would happen some states in our country. Sir Day by day Nuxels are more active in our society.My request is Please planning a picture about Nuxel and give a chance to me play a role against Nuxeles. Thanking you

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