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Serial Naaku Thanthi - Episode 1348

By: By: Shekhar H Hooli
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Doddaguni Shankar meets Sukanya and informs her about Kotashetty's switching over to the party and Hosamane's plan to catch them through him. She is baffled at first, but after brooding over it for a while, she says that there is no need to worry about it. She suggests him how he has to defend himself if somebody accuses him. Now he is relieved.

Lalita comes with a cup of decoction (Kashaya) for Subbaraya, but she is shocked when she does not find him at the home. Kalyani and her mother-in-law are also worried over his disappearance. Lalita says that he was brooding over Sudhindra's release. She expresses her doubt that he might have been to the Ashram. Kalyani's mother-in-law tells Kalyani to inform the matter to Megha. She gets ready to meet her.

Byadarhalli comes to Sukanya's home, where he finds Doddaguni. He tells them about Kotashetty holding press meet. Suddenly both Sukanya and Doddaguni talks something personally, which baffles him. Later Doddaguni walks away without talking to him. Sukanya comes closer to him and tells him that he is going to attend the press meet as a reporter the next day. He is astonished. She says that a girl named Jyothi Karnik will accompany him. He agrees to her suggestion and walks away.

Kalyani meets Megha and informs her about her father's matter. She doubts that he might be killed by them. Megha assures her to look after him carefully.

Doddaguni Shankar and Sargoor Sanjeevamurthy are curiously waiting to know the happenings in the press meet at Sukanya's home. They are surprised after they come to know that Byadarhalli has already given half of the amount. So Kotashetty has agreed to switch over to the party.

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