MJ's unreleased tracks taken by sister La Toya


    Washington, (ANI): Late Michael Jackson's sister La Toya reportedly removed unreleased tracks from his estate hours after he passed away in June.

    La Toya, 53, is said to have taken the hard drives containing new songs and unreleased tracks from Jacko's career, and now there is a fight between the Jackson family and the executors of the pop star's estate for who will have the rights to remaster and release the tunes.

    According to Rolling Stone magazine, Jacko's manager Frank DiLeo said that there were over 100 unreleased songs, including tunes Jackson worked on with Akon, Will.i.am and Ne-Yo. DiLeo was trying to persuade the pop superstar to release six songs from his most recent recording sessions at the time of the singer's death.

    “I said, 'Produce them', and he said, 'Naw, I'm not ready for you to listen to them'," Contactmusic quoted him as having told the publication. And DiLeo insists that lost songs are being unearthed almost daily since Jackson's death. “There are a couple of songs we recorded for the Bad album that we had to cut that are just sensational," he added.

    Last month, Jackson's former producer Samm Brown revealed that there were at least 100 unheard tracks lying in the vaults of the singer's former label Motown.

    “Michael was such a perfectionist and he had a lot of stuff that he didn't use. I know for a fact that Motown (record label) has a deep vault and I would say there are 100 or more tracks sitting at Motown alone," Brown said.

    “There will be somebody in his (Jackson) camp who will want to release all of the lost tracks he recorded - dating way back to the 1960s. There's huge money to be made off of these recordings," he added.

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