Agyaat Music Review


    'Extremely unclear' - That's the only way one to describe expectations from the music of Agyaat. Yes, Ram Gopal Varma has made musicals in the past. However, over last couple of years, his Phoonk just had a song or two, Contract doesn't remind one of a single noteworthy song while Sarkar Raj mainly had a score that ran in the background. In fact if one delves into the past, it was Darling that could be really be termed as a mass friendly soundtrack, courtesy at least a couple of songs that went on to be chartbusters. No wonder, when a thriller flick like Agyaat comes along, one isn't sure what would composer teams of Imran-Vikram and Bapi-Tutul have in the offering.

    What strikes immediately on looking at the inlay card is the coming together of singers who have hardly been exposed in Bollywood music earlier. Runa, Boony, Bhaven, Banjotsana, Vickeey B. Joshi, Bapi, Keka Ghoshal, Jankee, Imran - Ever heard of them? In fact the only recognizable name is that of Shweta Pandit!
    Nevertheless, talking about the songs here, the opening of Agyaat is as unconventional as it gets with Imran-Vikram churning out 'Jai Shiv Bum Shambu'. Written by Prashant Pandey, this one appears to be a bon fire number set in a Jungle with the entire cast coming together and partying. With a mix of Indian and Western treatment, 'Jai Shiv Bum Shambu' isn't your next anthem track in the making. However, listen to it a few times and you realise that for lounges and discotheques, this could well be an easy fodder for the DJs. Runa and Boony create a young mood for 'Jai Shiv... ' which sounds strange in the beginning but goes on to be quite addictive in some time. It's a surprise that the number doesn't find a 'remix version' for itself!

    Imran-Vikram continue with their adrenalin pumping score as they bring in 'Kiss U Day And Night' which has a groovy rhythm to it that comes with good potential to be a chartbuster. Don't bother too much about what lyricist Sandip Singh has to write here as the song is all about rhythm, pace and attitude. Bhaven and Banjotsana get a good duet going between the two as Earl comes up with his regular rap to perk up the proceedings. However, what really steals the show is the 'remix version' of the song titled 'Kiss - Remix'. With Jankee joining the singing team, this version requires one listening to ensure that the song will get your immediate attention once Priyanka Kothari is seen sizzling in this promotional track.

    Bapi-Tutul come to the scene for the first time with 'Khoobsurat' which brings a certain 'thehrav' to the album. A melodious track that reminds of the kind of soothing numbers that were heard in Varma's Drohi and Satya earlier, 'Khoobsurat' has a South flavor to it, as imparted by both Vickeey B. Joshi and Shweta Pandit who come behind the mike. A love song that may not be breaking new grounds but sounds pleasing to ears nevertheless, 'Khoobsurat' written by Prashant Pandey is decent filler in the album before theme tracks strike.

    Scares begin with 'Sun Sakte Ho' which is set as a haunting track by Bapi-Tutul. Immediately reminding of movies belonging to horror genre from the past, most notably Gumnaam, 'Sun Sakte Ho' written by Sarim is the kind of song that would make your heart beats oscillate between low and high. A number which does depend a lot on the orchestra along with vocals, it has Keka Ghoshal singing it quite well for the film's situation. Bapi too gets behind the mike as a background vocalist and adds to the effect. Expect the track to reappear at various junctures in the film.

    It's a mixed feeling of fun, adventure and scares with 'Jungle Jungle' which has Jankee and Imran coming together for this Imran-Vikram composition. Written by Sandip Singh, 'Jungle Jungle' is a racy number that talks about the glory of jungle and is so fast paced that it doesn't give listener any breather whatsoever. Though the tune isn't the kind that hasn't been heard before, it is the rhythm of 'Jungle Jungle' that makes you not just keenly look forward to how it is placed in the film but also make you type along the review furiously. Well, such is the effect!

    It's back to out and out scary outing with 'Na Koi' which begins with a haunting moan that gets your attention immediately. Composed by Bapi-Tutul, this is a title song which is mainly a background piece with only a few lyrical portions in between. With the words 'Agyaat Hai' being repeated multiple times in this four minute song, this one is bound to create some chills with vintage Ramu treatment.

    The soundtrack of Agyaat throws a pleasant surprise. While it certainly has a few situational tracks that are created for placement in the film's background ('Sun Sakte Ho', 'Na Koi', 'Jungle Jungle'), there is also a guaranteed chartbuster in the form of 'Kiss - Remix' with 'Jai Shiv Bum Shambu' promising to make some impression as well. A good soundtrack.

    'Kiss - Remix', 'Jungle Jungle', 'Jai Shiv Bum Shambu'

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