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    Critics Review

    • The plot of 24 is pretty straight forward. Centered around a watch, invented by Sethuraman (Suriya), the film is a cat-and-mouse game between two characters.

      As expected, it is Suriya all the way. Watch out for his terrific performance as he pulls off the roles of Sethuraman and Athreya with elan. Even as Mani, who repairs watches for a living, he is outstanding. But it is the characterization of the other two characters that makes his performance a jaw-dropper. Athreya fulfils all your expectations to the fullest.

      Writing and screenplay by Vikram Kumar is formidable. 24, barring a few romantic scenes and an unnecessary song, is a roller-coaster ride. Though the second half is a tad slow, the film manages to keep you hooked throughout.

      Overall View: 24 might just be one of the best sci-fi thrillers ever made in our country. Yes, it has its flaws, but they are ignorable, making this Suriya-starrer a brilliant watch!
    • As the bespectacled father attempting to crack the concept of ‘time’, Suriya gives a cool, intellectual twist to his now-popular ‘good guy’ demeanour. And no, it isn’t as bad as it sounds. In fact, we warm up beautifully to it this time.

      Vikram goes on to ace the second and third acts by conjuring up enough bombshells in the character arcs of his leads. Whenever Athreya changes colours within the blink of an eyelid, we expect the time travel clichés to take centre stage.

      24 is a damn-good, entertaining piece of that. The fact that a talented film-maker had felt the need to tick off the romance box in a well-written thriller is kind of annoying.
    • With Suriya in three roles, it’s obvious that he owns this film from start to finish. The scientist character with a sense of intelligence and innocence fits him like a glove and the clean shaven look along with a pair of nerdy glasses does the trick perfectly. Athreya on the other hand, is a ruthless antagonist who’d do anything to reach his goals.

      Samantha shines at her usual bubbly best and her scenes with Suriya, especially in the first half, are a pleasure to watch. She looks dazzling in the song sequences too. Nithya Menen doesn’t get much screen space but she has given her best with whatever little she had.

      24 is one of those few rare flicks that doesn’t test the intelligence of the audience but at the same time captures our attention with some gripping screenplay.
    • Great acting by all the cast. Though it is a Suriya show, there’s not much of a suffocation in the story. Aathreya the top notch performance.

      Nithya Menen has displayed elegance as a wife and a mother. There’s maturity in her acting and kudos to her development. Though it’s just a small role, Saranya Ponnvannan has delivered her usual best!

      Will everyone understand the concept fully? That’s a question! It’s easy for a regular movie lover and Hollywood movie fan to grab all jargons. We have to wait for more response to know how all sorts of audience conceptualize 24.
    • There might be a common argument criticizing the romance sequence and the decision to have chosen this episode to tell the power of an important gadget in the film. But what one shouldn’t forget is, a storyteller is given the tag ‘smart’ only when he understands his whole wide range of audience and designs the elements of his story accordingly.

      24 is all about Suriya. Every emotion is portrayed in his point of view; from love to comedy to pain to revenge, it all comes under his coverage as he plays three important roles in the film.

      Verdict: 24 with all its qualities is a step in the right direction for Tamil cinema.
    • Suriya lords over the film in three roles. Athreya is the main part, and Suriya enacts the robust, evil man who is after the time travel watch, invented by his geeky twin brother scientist Sethuraman, to restore his younger days and reclaim glory. The film's title credits sequence is as good as it gets, and the story is set up in a terrific manner.

      DoP Tirru, the production design team and the VFX team have delivered out of the world work. Each frame is impressive, the sets are imaginative, the props are well thought out, the song locations are dreamy and the VFX work is mighty slick.

      '24' is almost flawless, is one of a kind and definitely warrants a watch. As Suriya said pre-release, it isn't just the every Friday release.
    • ‘24’ is a film that gives a unique and highly gratifying experience with the time travel concept as its core Though the concept as such is not entirely new to Tamil audience (as the same concept was used in last year’s super hit film ‘Indru Netru Nalai’), this script is filled with a lot of suspense and thrills. This added with Suriya’s super brilliant performance in three different roles.

      Once the story moves to the future (the present from audience perspective), the film gathers scope for lighter moments. The way the time travel ability of the special watch is revealed to the lead character of the film as well as the audience is really out of the world.

      Verdict 'Suriya's performance, Rahman’s music, Vikram Kumar’s brilliant handling and narration of a story with time travel as its core and the superlative visual experience outdo the shortcomings of ‘24’. It is a must watch.
    • 24 is a science-fiction thriller that revolves around the subject of time travel. Mani's father, Sethuraman is a horologist who invents a time machine (a watch) that can take you back to the future, rewind to the past or freeze time.

      Outstanding work by the cinematographer, art director and colourist of the film. The entire film is aesthetically pleasing. Every shot looks like a painting!. Suriya has proved his versatility as an actor with flawless performances in the three distinct roles he plays. Our favourite Suriya, in terms of looks and characterization, was Aathreya, the baddie!

      24 is a perfect sci-fi entertainer with top-notch visuals and a brilliant performance by Suriya!
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