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19 Jul 2013
By : Mani

On : 2013-07-19 12:10:55

The love scene between Maryan and Parvathy is out of the world they will remain as one of the favourite on screen pair in tamil cinema. Both the dhanush and Parvathi they both live as the Maryan and Panimalar and carreis the entire movie in their shoulder!!!

Many scenes is like a poetry for example Dhanush and Parvathi romanctic scene, These are the 3 favourite scene which we have to look out for..
1. Beginning phone conversation with Maryan and Pani Malar!!!
2. Surival Phone conversation between Panimalar and Maryan!!!
3. Tragedy of Maryan Friend, watch out for Dhanush acting!!!

Many more scenes are there watch out in the theatre to find it. Nenje ezhu comes in a wrong spot but great visuals. A.R.Rahman bgm and songs are the another hero of Maryan, it is carrying the film in a good pace thanks to A.R.Rahman. Bits and peices of the songs in Maryan is used has a bgm is very impressive. Rahman music n bgm elevates the story to the next level.

Bharathbala brilliantly craft the first half, in second half survival idea was good but somehow the pace is dead slow, he could have put some other idea in the second half then Maryan could have more interesting. In my opinion the cheetah scene is unwated Bharath bala could have reduced that. Overall Maryan is the best movie must watch in theatre. Romanctic scenes is the key for Maryan which is brilliant!!!!

Maryan is not for commercial

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