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Kadhal Kadhai - Review

By: By: Settu Shankar
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After 5 years of struggle and numerous cuts in the movie Kadhal Kadhai has hit the screens.

How much can sex and lust salvage a badly made film? Velu Prabhakaran wanted to make a film that can thrive freely on sex and so has come up with a flick in which these form the basic storyline.

Total nudity and tantalizing kisses are in order if you want to watch the movie. The movie full of soft porn definitely deserves a X rating, but our censor board has not yet come up with one. So they"ve given it a A rating.

The moral message about women being used as sex objects is sadly lost because they have been used in a similar manner in the film. Though the director praises the divinity of woman's bodies as a creator of life, it takes a highly immoral stand on woman's physique by fully exploiting three women throughout the film.

According to Velu, sexual crime against women in western countries is much lower than India, just because of the sexual freedom prevailing in their society.

There is nothing special to mention about the making or techniques used in filming the movie. The only aim of the director is stripping all the three beautiful women playing the lead roles and the camera is cruelly focused on the frontal nudity of the girls throughout the movie.

What has convinced Ilayaraja to be part of a film like this? But we can definitely say that the background score is definitely not created in the maestro's studio!


Cast : Sherly Das, Preethi, Rangayani, Velu Prabhakaran
Direction: Velu Prabhakaran
Music: Ilayaraja
Production: JSK Film Corporation

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