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Malayan - Review

By: By: Settu Shankar
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Malayan is yet another empty vessel from Karan & Co, that has been making much noise in the recent times. Karan is a good actor but has been wasting his time and money in making C grade films without a minimum logic. For Karan, these kind of films will never help him to grow up as a front line hero in the industry.

Malayan story is loosely woven along the lines of an accident which had occurred at the Sivakasi fire works industry.

Sarath Babu is a kindhearted master, who has a crackers manufacturing unit at Sivakasi. Karan is a loyal and sincere servant working under him. At a stage Shammu, a big mouth mischievous girl enters his life.

Rajan P Dev and Sakthikumar, the owners of the rival group, MSK Sons consider Sarath Babu as their archrival in the competition. One day, the rival group set fire in Sarath Babu's factory. It costs the life of Karan's lover and many workers. But most of the people think that it was an accident. Later Karan investigates the blast in his own way and exposes the conspirasy behind the blast in the climax.

The movie is intersting in bits and pieces, but the usual illogical screenplay make the viewers tired soon.

Hero Karan is irritating in many scenes with his mediocre performance. His lead pair Shammu's acting is not much impressive as well. Ganja Karuppu and Mayilsamy have tried to cheer up the audiences right from the start till the end. Udayathara has been wasted in an unimpressive role.

Sarath Babu, Rajan and Sakthi Kumar have performed well in their roles.

Technically there is nothing special to mention in the film.  The camera work and editing are average and Dhina's music is not upto the mark.
For Karan, it is time to review his existing projects and he must come up with strong and interesting scripts.

For debutant director Gopi, it's better luck next time!


Cast: Karan, Shammu, Udayathara, Sarath Babu, Mayil Samy
Music: Dhina
Director: S Gopi
Producer: Threesome Movies

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