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Poru Telangana

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16 Sep 2011
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Versatile artiste R Narayana Murthy is known for making revolutionary films. The filmmaker, who has been propagating the Left ideology through his films, has chosen the Telangana issue as a subject for his movie and has brought out Poru Telangana. In order to cash in on the ongoing Telangana agitation, he has prepared a story on the sacrifices made by the students for the sake of separate Telangana state.

The film tells the story of the students of Osmania University who jump into Telangana movement, as their education did not provide them the jobs because of Seemandhra rulers and industrialists. He explains that the Tamilians ruled the roost by providing jobs from Madras. After the division of states on the basis of linguistic states, Andhra, Rayalaseema were included to Telangana and formed Andhra Pradesh with Kurnool as the capital. From then onwards, Andhra and Seema leaders played key roles in the state affairs.After shifting the capital from Kurnool to Hyderabad, several industrialists started their firms and companies by providing jobs to non-locals by bringing their own men.

Later, the fertile lands in Telangana region were acquired in the name of SEZs and pushed the people of Telangana into penury. The handloom weavers got exploited by micro-finance companies and played with the lives of the Telangana people.In order to achieve self-governance, students took part in the agitations. Now, the students, employees and people of Telangana started another agitation to achieve separate state under the leadership of Telangana Rashtra Samiti chief K Chandrasekhar Rao. The director portrayed the sacrifices of students and a police constable in a sequence. He claims that the students are not against people of Andhra and their fight is only against only big industrialists. The film ended with an appeal to allow the Telangana people to separate from Seemandhra as brothers and lead a harmonious life together.

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