Vangapandu getting Rs.50 Lakh from Magadheera maker?


    Vangapandu Prasada Rao, who hit the headlines last week after he alleged that Magadheera maker copied his song, is reportedly demanding Rs. 50 Lakhs from Magadheera producer Allu Aravind for using line of 'Yem Pilaldo Yeldam Vasthava" in a song of Magadheera. Initially, he demanded Rs 1 cr from Allu Aravind, reports

    It is said that Vangapandu has asked the Magadheera makers either to give at least Rs 50 lakh or to remove those lines from the film. "Allu Aravind is surely a wise man and he chooses the second option if things become serious. He never pays such a big sum for anyone when forced," reports

    Sources say that when big lyricists like Chandrabose and Seetaramasastry get Rs 80000 to Rs 1.25 lakh for writing a song, how can Vangapandu demand Rs 50 lakh for just two lines? Besides this, Vangapandu has to prove that those two lines are really written by him and not in folklores earlier.

    Will he be able to prove it? Will Allu Arvind pay him Rs. 50 Lakh? Let us see.

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