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Drona - Review

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Nithin made his debut through Jayam of Teja. He gained loverboy image with his first movie and later bagged a couple of hits in his career. After Sye of Rajamouli, Nithin had no notable hit to his credit. After facing successive failures, he took some gap and tried his hand in some action films but failed to attract attention of the audiences. Now, to save his nagging image, he tried to play in yet another film with action backdrop and with a view to make the film a hit, the unit members convinced heroine Priyamani to appear a little hot in some scenes to attract the youth and mass audiences.

Drona (Nithin) is the son of a sincere police officer (Mukhesh Rushi). He believes in the fact that one should not commit a mistake intentionally and in such case he should be punished. During childhood, Drona takes his father's service revolver by removing bullets from the cartridge only to warn some students, who have threatened Drona and his friends earlier. Unknowingly, Drona gets punishment and his father repents for that too. However, Drona goes missing and his friends tell his father that he told them that he planned to leave the house. After 15 years, Drona returns home, but conceals his identity from his parents. However, the girl next door, Indu (Priyamani), who falls in love with him, recognises the tattoo on his hand. But Drona pleads her not to reveal his identity. Accidentally, Indu reveals his identity and everyone feels happy.

Meanwhile, Drona's father finds that it is he who robbed the valuable Nizam jewellery. However, Drona reveals the flashback saying he did not leave his house but was kidnapped by one Sarkar (Kelly Dorge), who masterminded the Nizam jewellery's robbery and it was Danny (Bob Antony) who trained the children in all kind of martial arts and other tricks of robbery and moulded them trained robbers. Sarkar promises Drona that he would leave all the boys whom they kidnapped if he could bring him the jewellery and Drona, in order to save the boys, resorted to the robbery. However, he realises that Sarkar is planning to kill everyone instead of releasing them. So Drona and his friend Bose steal the jewellery and keep it in a safe place before escaping. But Bose gets seriously injured in the hands of Danny, who dies in the hands of Drona. Learning that Drona has not committed a mistake, his father masterminds kidnap and nabs the culprits in the climax.

PLUS: Nithin has done a good job as an action hero. He has shown good ease in action scenes. However, he has failed to emote well in sentiment scenes. Despite playing in as many films, he still could not change his body language and failed to show any kind of expressions. The audiences seen commenting him to change his histrionics. Priyamani, who is so far had a clean family girl image, in the eyes of the Telugu audiences, has shown a drastic change in her attitude by accepting to wear a bikini in a song. She also appears quite hot in a couple of other songs too, especially in a rain song with revealing costumes. But for other songs, she continues to remain homely in regular scenes. Kelly Dorge is just okay as a villain and Bob Antony though appears strong physically, he clearly looks in ageing skin in close up shots. The director has made good attempt to run the film with different elements like action, love and family sentiment.

MINUS: In the absence of a gripping screenplay, many scenes in the film have no depth and go away like bubbles. Camera work by Bhupati is average. Action scenes choreographed by Selvam are just okay. The opening shots picturised on the hero appear too cinematic with lot of gimmicks on his mobike. Sunil appears in a couple of scenes but fails to tickle the funny bone. Venumadhav too has failed to bring smile on the faces of audiences and the comedy track shot on him has nothing to do with the story. As far as music is concerned, only a couple of songs are foot-tapping and others are not good even to listen. However, the director and producer make the audiences sit tight in their seats without going out during songs, by giving revealing costumes to the heroine. Dialogues by Harshavardhan too are just so and many of them lacked the necessary punch.

REMARKS: Those who go to the theatre by watching the trailers or the revealing costumes of Priyamani, would be definitely disappointed as she appears hot only in a couple of songs. Mukhesh Rushi has failed to give a honest performance, but Sita is just okay. The film reminds the audiences of old films like Rakshasudu of Chiranjeevi, where the hero gets training in a lonely island. Despite projecting the heroine in a bikini, Nithin may not be in a position to smile as the film earned an average talk on the first day.

Cast: Nithin and Priyamani, Kelly Dorge, Bob Antony, Mukhesh Rushi, Sunil, Raghubabu, Dr Sivaprasad, Sravan, Nandakishore, Sivannarayana, Dwarakesh, Rakhi Sawant, Master Saikrishna, Sita, Devisri and others

Credits: Camera – Bhupati, Editing – Gauthamraju, Music – Anoop Rubens, Dialogues – Harshavardhan, Action – Selvam, Art – Prakash, Producer – DS Rao, Story, screenplay and direction – J. Karunkumar.

Banner: Saikrishna Productions

Released on: February 20, 2009

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