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19 Dec 2014


PK (PeeKay) movie is a political satire, hitting out at corruption in the country. Director Rajkumar Hirani  has stated that the film will be a satire on ...
  • Sachi Muchi 21 hours ago

    P K Thank god delhi wale only called the alien aamir just 'PK'..and not**tya...or else Film title would be censored also. I guess he only met the 'good' Delhiwalas. Anyways message by film Pk was nothing new as compared to OMG but superstar Aamir ki film hai toh 300 crores..obviously. Looks like film stars like Akshay should concentrate more on their image than on the actual script or movie itself . Well after such a long time I have seen a decent faced..big eyed ? slightly retarded ALIEN like Aamir and Ranbir... after the blue ET lookalike-Jaadu landed in India. So basically Modiji vision of Make in India/ Come to India is finally working. Rest of the movie along with the side kick actors is run of the mill emotional drama stuff that will make you believe that this script is so fresh ...if only they had seen OMG in the first place. Anyways Directors and actors in india are really growing big balls to actually make movies on GODS and age old beliefs...This is India for God's sake...even SACHIN..Rajnikant are worshipped here. Most Indians watching this movie are basically Hypocrites. .They would be clapping in the theatre but the next morning they would still keep fast or offer prasad in the temple for a salary hike in the coming New Year. Jai Mata di.

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