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PK (U/A)

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19 Dec 2014


PK (PeeKay) movie is a political satire, hitting out at corruption in the country. Director Rajkumar Hirani  has stated that the film will be a satire on ...
  • shan 4 months ago

    This story didn't need an alien to convey the message. Any kid in India would know about fake godmen and godwomen. but in india who has the courage to do this?all are courageous when are large groups.

  • shan 4 months ago

    in the fim, wrong numbers in all religions are showing. pls watch the movie breifly once more and comment. best luck and be a warrior against corruption

  • Syed 6 months ago

    It's a copy of few English movies.... E.T. Alien and also TV series by Robin William (don't remember the mane) (Nanoo Nanoo) etc. Love and affection and some religious value. It's not a great movie at all . Syed

  • Inzamam 6 months ago

    brilliant work Amir u,a must watch movie

  • satya 6 months ago

    They can not do that, If they do NO FILMS AFTER THAT.

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