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Jiah Khan's new letters fake?

Bollywood's late actress Jiah Khan's new letters, that was recently revealed, speaks in favour of her boyfriend Suraj Pancholi. A while ago, the suicide note released by Jiah's mother, read that it was Suraj, who had indirectly driven Jiah to death. In fact, Jiah had also blamed Suraj of cheating on her, raping her, in the concerned letter.

But now, according to the new letters written by Jiah to Suraj, falls in favour of Suraj. The latest notes recovered by the police, reads Jiah apologising to Suraj. The letter reads, "I know I have hurt you and hurt myself. I am deeply sorry from the depths of my heart. I promise myself, my family, my god that this side of me will and has completely disappeared. Being with you has been a blessing, it has opened my eyes to love, devotion and the real world. You have changed me and I thank you for that. You have been my savior, loving you has forced me into becoming happy, stable and secure. I finally see the light."

Jiah further wrote, "Thank you for being the most beautiful human being to me. I promise to only help you to get where you want to be and make your father and mother proud. You have helped me so much. I want to give you all in return." The striking difference between the latest letter and the old one is the handwriting. There's a stark difference between the two letters, on terms of handwriting and tone. Hence, now the question lies, are the new letters fake?

Jiah Khan's new letters

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