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  • abin 2 years ago

    i just tell you something...you are a cute actress..i like your expressions...i like u..thats all...

  • kaalunakki 3 years ago

    Sarayu is god

  • ragesh-gangadharan 3 years ago

    yes u are the sacred actress who came directly from heaven..so we wii wating ammu's,, give a break to career..go ahead bravily..we wiil support alwaz ur rise and fall, and beeing a god truster I know the almighty never give u the second one ..best wishes sarayu..the actress

  • manikkuttan 3 years ago

    i really like sarayu... i don't know she have something special.. i can't expain.. something...

  • sarayu-mohan 4 years ago

    Hi,Sarayu here..thank u 4 ur support....plz join me in Sarayu mohan, my Facebook page....

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