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Dolly Ki Doli

Audience Review

105 Ratings

Release Date

23 Jan 2015
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Débutante Abhishek Dogra has done a decent job considering this is his first film. As viewers are not so dumb that we will believe everything that they show. Songs are also OK and are not really highlights of the film.

Sonam Kapoor has done a decent job but nothing special or a performance worthy of an award. In comparison to Baby, you can give Dolly Ki Doli a miss as you'll find it to be a big waste of time and money. But if Baby tickets are booked then Dolly Ki Doli will keep you entertained for few minutes.

DOLLY KI DOLI is a stress buster that will make you smile as you'll leave the theatre. Debutante director Abhishek Dogra has competently extracted superb performances from the entire starcast. The unpredictable climax of the film works to the advantage too. But the four day weekend will help this Dolly ensnare many patrons. The word of mouth will be the key in witnessing the growth. We say, it's a roller coaster entertainer. Enjoy it with your families.


Sonam plays the badass bahu with aplomb. From coy, to confident - she pulls it off with spunk. Rajkummar and Mohammed deliver a good act and Pulkit is decent. Varun, with his comical expressions and superb comic timing is the most hilarious character in the film. Archana Puran Singh as Varun's OTT mom is a riot.

Watch this one for fun on the run. As long as you're not light-laugh-lactose intolerant.

If there is anything that makes Dolly Ki Doli worth a watch, it is the performances. Rajkummar Rao, the first 'target' we see in the film, plays the perfect Haryanavi lad.

The problem with Dolly Ki Doli is that it does not give a plausible ending to the story. So should you watch Dolly Ki Doli? Go for it, for the entertaining performances. Despite the shoddy script and loose strings, this is worth a watch.

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