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Jagathy Sreekumar is an Indian film actor (malayalam) born on 5 January 1951 at Jagathy, Thiruvananthapuram. His original name is Sreekumar Achary. He is the son of Malayalam dramatist and writer N. K. Achary (1917–1992) (also fondly known as Jagathy). N. K. Achary was an All India Radio employee. He has performed in more than 1000 films. He has also directed two films and has written screenplays for two films.

Jagathy first got the opportunity to act in a play when he was a Class V student at Model School in Thiruvananthapuram. By the time he joined Mar Ivanios College, Thiruvananthapuram he became an experienced theatre person.Chattambi Kalyani was his first movie. His role in this film earned him recognition as well. With more than  1,100 Malayalam films to his credit, he is known to be one of the most popular actors in the Malayalam film industry. He is a different person altogether in real life, where he is very serious in contrast to the characters he often portrays. He considers acting a serious profession.
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