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    Ninu Choodalani

    Ninu Choodalani

    Release Date : 23 May 2001
    Director : V.R.Pratap
    Critics Rating
    Audience Review
    Ninnu Choodalani is an romantic love based movie in which, The twin cities sport two sweet shop giants in the form of Siva Reddy (K Vishwanath) and Sahadeva Reddy (K Satyanarayana).

    Venu (NTR) is the teenage grandson of Siva Reddy and Siri (Raveena Rajput) is the granddaughter of Sahadeva Reddy. Venu happens to see Siri on the day of Holi and falls in love with her at the first sight.

    He gets hold of a photograph of her and then uses her photograph to put up a hoarding in Abids area asking her to call up his number. The parents of Siri notice their daughter's portrait on the advertisement of Siva Reddy sweets. The rivalry between Siva Reddy and Sahadeva Reddy intensifies.

    Siri falls in love with Venu, since she likes the kind of attention he gives to...
    • V.R.Pratap
    • Ramoji Rao
    • S A Rajkumar
      Music Director
    • Chandra Bose
    • Suddala Ashok Teja
    • days ago
      If star siblings and star sons are doing so well for themselves, then can star grandsons be far behind? Well, it appears difficult to answer from Ninnu Choodaalani. The guy reminds you of NTR physically at least - he's as rotund as NTR was in the color film era. But he handles the dance and fight sequences with surprising ability. Yet, he can't make you laugh. So is he going to be a hit? Well, clairvoyance in film reviewing is restricted to the product at hand, so here goes. Venu (N T Rama Rao) is the kind who'll sing for a song and is generally into life. Then a bunch of extremely silly never-say-die girls chases Siri (Raveena Rajput) right into his arms, and he, needless-to-say, falls in love with her at that. In an extremely innovative approach in Telugu films, Venu and Siri happen to be the grandchildren of two rivals. Shiva Reddy and Sahadev Reddy, sweet shop owners both, love reviling each other. Venu, in search of the girl who has 'stolen his heart' (pardon us folks, these movies are starting to rub off on us now), sets up a hoarding in the middle of the city with her picture and his phone number. JFI, the hoardings at the Greenlands crossroads for a month cost significantly more than a CBZ. Such minor things aside, Siri's dad thrashes the life out of Venu and accuses his daughter of loving him. And she starts hating Venu with all her heart

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