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Vinayak Joshi

Bigg Boss: Day 32 Highlights

The overnight mental drama continued on the day 31 at Bigg Boss house. The boss made the show more entertaining by organising a special program and by asking inmates to do hilarious acts. For...
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Bigg Boss: Day 31 Highlights

The madness from the day 30 continued on the 31st day too at the Bigg Boss house. The funny acts of inmates entertained and made audience to stay tuned to the show on Wednesday (April 24). Indeed,...
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Bigg Boss: Day 30 Highlights

Bigg Boss House Turns Mental AsylumThere has been happiness, sadness, fun and fight at the Bigg Boss house. But the element of craziness was missing in the house. To add this factor, the Boss made...
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Bigg Boss: Day 16 Highlights

It was an exciting day for Bigg Boss contestants at the house on day 15. The housemates had a lot of fun with the new task being given to them. Chandrika's Blood Is BoilingChandrika is not happy at...
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