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Bigg Boss Kannada - Thilak-Shweta get cosy on day 10

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The previous day's fun continued on the 10th day at the Bigg Boss with girls being treated royally by the men inside house. It is only by the end of the day, the boss gave relief to the boys by providing them some entertainment in the form of dance performances by the female participants.

As the girls were ordered not to step down from their beds until they have the breakfast, boys were forced to prepare it and serve them at the earliest. The females brushed teeth and had coffee-breakfast on their sleeping place itself.

Girls' Advise to Shweta Pandit...
Shweta Pandit and Thilak's growing relationship seems to be a worrying factor for other females in the house as many suggested her not to mingle too much with the Ganda Hendathi actor. They were telling her that Thilak does not appear to be serious in the relationship. So, cut off the bonding and be normal with him. The actress agreed and also disagreed at parts.

Sanjjanna on Thilak
Sanjjanna, who was fuming against Thilak a few days ago, was seen commenting that the actor is a big flirt. She said, "I will have to commit suicide if I start loving him as he likes each and every girl that he comes across."

Chandrika's secret task
Chandrika succeeded in a couple of her secret tasks assigned by the Bigg Boss. She successfully made Arun Sagar wait outside the toilet rooms and give the girls towels to dry their face and hands, she made Vijay Raghavendra to open and close the doors where ever she went and convinced Swami to at least put a saree like a shawl on his shoulders.

Thilak Angry Over Chandrika's Attitude

Chandrika's secret task was mistaken by Thilak. Her bossism did not go well with the latter, who was about to burst out against her before Arun Sagar and Vijay Raghavendra asked him to calm down.

Boys Rewarded

Bigg Boss decided to spice up the show by passing an order that girls should not walk on their feet, even if it means going to the bathroom. Either men can take them in their arms if they want to go out or they could take on a stretcher if the girls want to go to rest room. Arun Sagar and Vinayak Joshi took Shweta Pandit in their arms when she wanted to go to toilet.

Thilak-Shweta Get Cosy

Shweta Pandit, who wanted to limit her relationship with Thilak after other females advised her, did not take it seriously, as she was taken by Thilak to rest room. The exciting part was when she kept her foot on Thilak's foot, locked his shoulders with her arms and walked towards sink to wash her hands. And Thilak almost hugged her to stop her from keeping her legs on floors.

Entertainment For Men

Finally, after looking at the hard work put up by men to satisfy the needs of women in the house, Bigg Boss gave a short break and provided some entertainment as it assigned girls to dance for a couple of songs for the men.

Sanjjanna's Yet Another Fight

Sanjjanna continued to be a bad girl in the house as she had a serious fight with Chandrika. The latter was unhappy when the former suggested something related to the group dance.

Chandrika, who was seen sharing her displeasure over her starry airs, pointed Sanjjanna not to pass her orders. It sparked off an instant war of words and it is only after Anushree intervened, the issue was sorted out.

Anushree, who choreographed songs, asked the fighting women because the men in the house have done so much in the last two days without having differences among themselves. Now, it is the turn of girls to show unity and complete the given task.

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