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Bigg Boss: Day 14-15 Highlights

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The signs of groupism, secret talks and mind games are slowly getting visible in the Bigg Boss house. The increasing competition and desire to outdo each other are bringing out the true faces of the housemates.

With Sanjjanna being eliminated last weekend and controversial godman Rishi Kumar of Kalika mutt being roped in, the show promises to generate more drama in the third week.

Day 14 & 15 Highlights
Talk On Thilak
Thilak seems to be the sole lover boy in the Bigg Boss house as he is getting a lot of attention from females inside the house. His chemistry with Shweta Pandit is well-known, and Anushree picked up this issue and was seen advising Shweta to accept him seriously. But the latter denied any such feeling on the Ganda Hendathi actor and reiterated that she wants to concentrate on her career.

Anushree Pukes...
Last week, it was Nikita, who puked due to acidity. On 14 day, Anushree faced a similar situation and the whole house unites over the issue. But soon some members were seen murmuring that she overreacted to gain attention. First among them was Vinayak Joshi.

Vinayak-Shweta Bond
Vinayak Joshi and Shweta Pandit's friendship seems to be growing without getting the deserving attention. They were seen hugging in the house and they intentionally avoided others attention during their conversation.

Rishi Kumar's Royal Entry

Godman Rishi Kumar's entry to the house was one of the best welcomes given for a Bigg Boss contestant. He was carried on a palanquin with flower petals being showered on his arrival. The housemates, who were curious to know the 13th contestant, were taken by surprise and all of them greeted him except Narendra Babu Sharma.

Rishi Kumar, who is known as a good orator, requested housemates not to treat him like a godman and display fake feelings if they do not believe him. He just wants them to treat him like their friend, and the controversial godman believes he is lucky to be sharing the house with such talented artists.

Narendra Babu Sharma Fumes

Narendra Babu Sharma seems to be very unhappy with Bigg Boss for bringing Rishi Kumar to the house. At every given opportunity, he was seen criticising the latter. He also advised a couple of housemates to stay away from him and seeded a fear of black magic. Later, Sharma complaint of stomach upset and asked people not to allow him to prepare the food. He also blamed the Bigg Boss for roping in the godman and for creating a sense of fear inside the house.

Statements Made By Narendra Babu On Rishi Kumar

- Rishi Kumar was criticised after he was caught in a scandal. People attacked his house and removed his turban.
- Rishi Kumar is very scared of me. So, he does not come to me.
- I have often criticised him on my shows.
- Sharma advised Nikita and a few others not to eat prasadam given by Rishi Kumar.
- Rishi Kumar was washing Kodi Mutt seer's underwear and he even ran a small hotel in Tiptur before turning godman.
- He is a controversial son of b***h.

Narendra Babu Almost Drops A Bomb On Chandrika

Narendra Babu Sharma almost dropped a bomb about actress Chandrika's past. While speaking with Vinayak Joshi, he made a controversial statement against the actress that made the Bigg Boss to beep his statement. Though it was blocked, his comment was clear for hearing. It was about her husband and her personal life.

Chandrika, Vinayak Joshi And Shweta Pandit In Danger

Chandrika got the maximum votes for elimination as the housemates were not happy with her attitude of picking up fights.

People think that Vinayak Joshi creates rift among housemates and plays double game.

Shweta Pandit was unexpectedly voted by many but the prominent among them is her easy going behaviour with Thilak. Later, she was seen weeping and Thilak was consoling her.

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