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27 Jul 2012


Godfather movie is a remake of  Tamil movie Varalaaru.  This movie completely belongs to Upendra, who has played a triple role.  The movie ...
  • kanfan 3 years ago

    I haven't wached this movie so cannot rate this movie. I have listened to this movie songs and not been impressed, local music directors would have done much better. Please stop remakes. I wish Uppi all the best.

  • nanu 3 years ago

    My favorite movie of uppi will be God father from now onwards..

  • syko 3 years ago

    yavanolle bosdika heliddu chanagilla antha nanmakla modlu film na artha madkoli uppi annana filmsu budhivantharige mathra dad nanmaklige alla kanro.idannu chanagilla andre nivella gaandu nanmaklu antha.

  • upendra 3 years ago

    Boot and kick the rubbish gandu remake producer k.manju out of kannada industry.brings all rubbish rahaman(A R RAHAMAN) as music director,when there is so much talent in sandalwood.people like this gandu producer are the real enemies of KANNADA film industry remaking mindless movies.

  • uppi 3 years ago

    this tamil remake movie is not even 1 percent of upendra's SUPER.STUPID TAMIL MINDLESS MOVIES.

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