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30 Aug 2013


Artist Movie is a bold and vibrant stroke of the emotional and physical upheavals in the life of two aspiring artists. The slice of life visualised here is ...
  • hari-dil 2 years ago

    potta padam

  • amritha-sivadas 2 years ago

    Art is not what you see but what you make others see"- Edgar Degas Director Shyamaprasad is back on track, a person sitting behind me said right after the movie. After Arike and English ,the director is back with what his viewers want from him. A tone set similar to that of Orekadal ,Artist tells the story of artists, Ofcrse. The clash of personal and professional frustrations,ego, artistic dissatisfaction, love, hate, disappointment, betrayal, failure, success, sacrifice-you name it and will find all of it in the film. Every frame looks and feels like a painting. An outstanding performance by Fahadh Fazil is another highlight of the movie. He scored a 10/10. He is the brush the director/painter used to paint the movie. Rest of the actors became the wonderful colours in the palate. Story became the palate itself. Bijibal gave him company by playing songs with colorful souls. And it became a beautiful painting you want to look at and appreciate for two hours and fourth-quarter mins...... 13 · August 30 at 5:20am

  • omana-nair-k 2 years ago

    valarae nalla film fahad, u nd dulquar going to be the next mammootty nd mohanalal

  • anju-prakash 2 years ago

    a feel gud movie fahad i loveee u da

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