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"No kissing please" : Salman Khan

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Monday, July 23, 2007
Salman, by his own admission, is often tempted to overstep the law and do what he knows to be wrong.

However, he has much greater respect for his ethos. When it comes to kissing his leading ladies he just won't do it, in deference to his culture and upbringing.

Admitting his proclivity to tread over the law, in a recent interview with a newspaper, Salman explained that he had an evil side that he is not very fond of. "It is my conscious effort to control that and not to go to the evil side. I have got a tremendous evil side that I don't like. I know this is good, this is bad, and what the right way is. And that is my constant battle, my constant fight with myself," he said.

In sharp contrast, when it comes to kissing his leading ladies on screen, Salman is clear headed and categorical - He won't do it!

According to a source, before he signed up for Marigold, his next release and first Hollywood film, the yet to be married 42-year-old told Willard Carroll, the director, that he will not kiss on screen. "No kissing scenes, please!" he said.

Carroll confirms Salman made his sign up conditional.

"That's right. Out there in the West, it's different, but the culture in India is different, and I respect it. Salman came and told me, 'what face will I show my father?' Now, who can argue with that?"

Oh! Salman. You make your fans so proud of you!

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