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Fool N Final (U/A)

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01 Jun 2007
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Some rules you need to follow before you embark on a journey called Fool N Final ...

  1. Don't wear your thinking caps because film defies logic.
  2. Don't ask questions. Here's why: It's all about entertainment, not enlightenment.
  3. Don't look for answers. Here's why: The motive is to keep you in splits.
Fool N Final is all about transporting you to a world of make-believe. The sole intention is to offer you loads of entertainment in those 17 reels / 2.20 hours. But, wait, there's a hitch. The execution of the material is done most stylishly, it's akin to watching a comic book on screen. But the effort falls flat since there's no script in the first place. The film packs in too many characters and too many incidents in those 17 reels.

No issues with that, but director Ahmed Khan and his team of writers [Umesh Shukla, Abbas Hierapurwala] should've mixed, merged and unified the assorted characters and incidents skillfully so that the entire experience would be worth cherishing. Unfortunately, what happens here is that you root for a few individualistic sequences only, not the film in entirety.

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