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Gabbar Is Back (U/A)

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01 May 2015
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Corruption is a subject that has been done and dusted with, in Bollywood. Every now and then, a number of films keep popping up with the same subject, so it was no surprise for us when the maker of Gabbar Is Back announced this project, a remake of Tamil flick, Ramana starring Vijaykanth.

Akshay's brooding character is what will remain in mind when you are walking out of the theater! There is something magical and serene in him that just knocks you off your feet. Our country needs a hero like this! If Narendra Modi is on the lookout for a sidekick then Akshay is the man!

In spite of being a remake movie, Gabbar Is Back is the best version ever made. Watch it for Akshay and watch it because it is an entertaining movie that will kick the boredom out of you like how Akshay kicks his villains.

Gabbar Is Back, director Krish's first shot at a Hindi production, is a remake of a 2002 Tamil film made by AR Murugadoss, to whom the story is duly credited.

Despite the many tweaks that have been effected for the purpose of turning the tale pan-Indian - for one, the film is set in Maharashtra - and the unblemished cinematography by Nirav Shah, Gabbar Is Back simply cannot shrug off its dated feel.

Watch Gabbar Is Back only if you are a diehard Akshay Kumar fan.

There’s a vigilante on the loose who likes swooping upon the dirty and the corrupt and putting the spotlight on them. That, in one thin line, is the plot of the latest Akshay Kumar’s ‘Gabbar is Back’, in which he stars In and As a latter-day Gabbar, the Good Bad Guy Who Is Out To Fix The System.

I’ve said this several times, but I’m ready to implore again: can Bollywood please, please stop making these tired, tiresome remakes? And let sleeping Gabbars lie?

A deliberate attempt to present Akshay Kumar as the combination of Bhagat Singh and a modern day leader is visible from the very first scene. He has borrowed Amjad Khan’s beard and even though his political leaning are too filmy, somehow he has carried it off.

But, his hidden identity seems illogical and Suman Talwar’s ignorance appears brainless. The film’s loud war cry against corruption convinces the spectator to not mind the lack of detail.

Gabbar Is Back is a full on ‘masala’ film with a lot of applause worthy scenes. The buck stops at Akshay Kumar.

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