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Meerabai Not Out (U)

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05 Dec 2008
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It's often said that cricket and Bollywood are two major passions of Indians. Director Chandrakant Kulkarni's Meerabai Not Out narrates the story of a cricket enthusiast who goes to the extremes even on the day of her engagement to watch a game of cricket.

But interesting ideas don't necessarily translate into interesting films. Meerabai Not Out suffers because there's not much meat in its script. It's only during the penultimate moments that things begin to move, but that isn't enough to salvage the situation.

Also, though the film talks of cricket, there's not much excitement for a cricket fanatic either. A sports-based theme works only if the viewer becomes involved in the proceedings, when he/she becomes a participant. In Meerabai Not Out, you're just a mere spectator. This one's more of a love story, actually!

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