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29 Oct 2010
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Sometimes, interesting ideas go haywire due to amateurish and inept writing. Nakshatra is a glaring example of this statement. The film may've sounded like a perfect thriller on paper, but what unfolds on screen leaves you cold. There are gaping holes in the screenplay, which remain wide open till the end.

Carelessly scripted Nakshatra suffers because the writer takes the viewer for granted. Besides, if you're attempting a suspense thriller - which Nakshatra is - the identity of the culprit should catch you by complete surprise, when the mask is taken off. But the villain's identity can be guessed midway through the film, which only goes to prove how fragile the written material is.

When an opportunity to write a script for a movie comes to Ajay (Shubh), an aspiring screen writer, he is thrilled, more by the thought of finally being able to prove himself to Jiya (Sabina Sheema), the girl he loves. A robbery being the main theme of the plot, Ajay works hard at getting the script right. Just when everything seems perfect, Ajay is arrested for a crime he hasn't committed.

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