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Not A Love Story

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19 Aug 2011
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Ram Gopal Varma and controversies go hand in hand. This time along it is his film Not A Love Story that has brought his into the limelight. Undoubtedly, if it is an RGV film, one is sure that the movie will have something unique to show. The maverick film-maker with Not A Love Story narrates a crime story of summer 2008, when two lovers did a terrible thing, committed a heinous murder.

Remember the 2008 murder case (well known as Neeraj Grover murder case), wherein a man (Neeraj) was murdered and his body was chopped into pieces in suburban Mumbai. Not A Love Story is inspired by the murder case. The film narrates what could've provoked such a brutal deed. The film delivers a fact that no one is bad at heart and that this kind of murder happens at the fit of rage at the moment. Not A Love Story delivers that some circumstances forces people to commit such heinous crimes.

It must be noted that though Ram Gopal Varma borrows from real life, Not A Love Story is not exactly a feature film narrating what had exactly happened during the murder. The protagonist in the film is not South Indian actress and her fiance is not a Navy Lieutenant. Not A Love Story is strictly and interpretation of what could have occurred that would have led to such a heinous crime. Through out the film director Varma has brilliantly manages to maintain a neutral stand while narrating the story, thus not supporting the deeds of any of the characters in the film.

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