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Whats Your Raashee?

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25 Sep 2009
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What’s Your Raashee?: Ends up being boring

The movie begins at Bardoli village, Gujarat, where a wealthy old man decides to write his assets in the name of his grandson Yogesh Patel (Hurman Baweja), the only person in the family to remember his maternal grandfather on all occasions (read birthdays). Yogesh is doing MBA at Chicago with a rocking life style of a sincere student in the day time, popular guy in the campus and a DJ at a night club.

But things are not rosy at home in Mumbai where his elder brother has taken a huge amount of loan and lost it in stock market crash and is not able to pay back to several people including a local bhai. He is supposed to give attendance everyday at Bhai’s office and he is being constantly threatened by two chelas of the dreaded bhai, who has a style of threatening defaulters – he would cut the fingers by using a betel nut cutter.

A family astrologer predicts that within a very short time Yogesh would get married and he would get a fortune on the very same day. Yogesh makes an urgent visit home after learning of sudden ill health of his dad, which turns out to be a false news and he is further taken aback by the ridiculous request made by his family members - he has to marry a girl in 10 days in order to save his family from an eventual complication and disgrace.

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