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Ganesh Venkatraman

20 Mar 1980 (Age 37)


Ganesh Venkatraman is a Tamil language actor who appeared in the Tamil films, Abhiyum Naanum and Unnaipol Oruvan. He was born and raised in Mumbai. His roots are in Tamil...
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  • Bharath a month ago

    I have seen few episodes of Big boss and I wish to appreciate your positivity in the show. I really liked the way you convey feedbacks to your fellow contestants. Every time you express something, you start off with appreciation, that's a real good quality. And yes, even before watching the show, I admire your acts in the movie. Anyhow I was happy to see another positive person in the show next to Oviya. But still I wonder that why you both weren't helping out Bharani, when he was in utter depression!!!

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