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The Angry Birds (U/A)



1 hrs 38 mins

Audience Review

Release Date

27 May 2016 (India)
20 May 2016 (WorldWide)
Critics Reviews Audience Reviews Updated: May 27, 2016 10:27 AM IST

On the whole, like most films that have been based on games, THE ANGRY BIRDS MOVIE follows a similar path. The film though entertaining, lacks the semblance of a decent story which can be attributed to the lack of a plot in the game. However, debutant directors Clay Kaytis and Fergal Reilly have done a brilliant job of adding life to the characters with impressive visuals and 3D.

All in all, if you have played the game, THE ANGRY BIRDS MOVIE will be a fun watch, while for those who haven't they can still enjoy stellar animated visuals. Kids will definitely love the feathered lot.

Movies based on video games are always terrible. There isn’t a single one that could be considered a critical darling. “Wreck-it Ralph” doesn’t count; it technically made up its derivative main characters.

“The Angry Birds Movie” tries to buck this trend by being based on game with a non-traditional format (a phone app as opposed to an arcade or console game) and by featuring some impressive animation and decent voice work. It succeeds… in a way.

Considering we live in an age that animated films are meant no longer just for children, (Up, The Incredibles anyone?) it is just doubly even more disappointing. Jason Sudekis as Red is alright, but Danny McBride as Bomb is the one who will really tickle your funny bone, with Josh Gad as the super-quick Chuck ensuring everyone is on their toes, quite litterally. The three of them manage to cook up some wacky situations and try their best to keep the movie light and breezy.

A one-time watch at best, and since this is Hollywood, we expect much more from the sequel that is inevitably already in the pipeline.

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