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Valentines Day


Audience Review

Release Date

2010 (India)
12 Feb 2010 (WorldWide)
By : Mohammed

On : 2010-02-11 15:46:17

Valentine’s Day has infinite big actors playing innumerable irrelevant characters, disinteresting multiple tracks forcibly intertwined into each other, a hundred clichéd love problems of a million Los Angelinos and truckloads of preachy lectures on love... all put on a display in one day’s time.

You’ll find almost everything in abundance in the movie Valentine’s Day except for that one crucial thing that should have ideally been in the movie the most – LOVE in its simplest form.

Director Garry Marshall seems so besotted with the idea of making an ensemble film that somewhere down the line he himself loses track of how horribly clichéd and generic his story tracks look.

Ashton Kutcher, a florist proposes to his career-oriented girlfriend Jessica Alba on Valentine’s Day morning only to get dumped by her in the evening, steering him towards his ‘we-can-be-more-than-friends’ friend Jessica Garner by night. Garner, a school teacher hopes to get proposed by her doctor beau Patrick Dempsey on V’day but ends up finding he is married with a family in the evening, steering her towards Ashton in return by night!

Workaholic Jessica Biel hosts a press conference for her soccer star client on V day in the noon, hosts an anti-V day party in the evening and ends up smooching a sports journalist by night, Anne Hathaway hides her embarrassing side profession from her beau only to realize love conquers all problems. Barring the above couples, rest of the cast is solely taken to fill up tracks which needed people of different age groups.

Being run of the mill is not the only problem of the film. An exceptional shallow writing, half baked characterization, predictable plot are other major flaws too. The film runs for more than two hours making it too long for our liking. The filmmaker too realizes the crawling pace of the film towards the end and thus tries to hurry things up making the climax a total let down. The dialogues are forgettable too making the film all the more insipid.

The only performances that stand out are those by Julia Roberts who engages in a subtle flirtatious conversation with her fellow passenger Bradley Cooper and Taylor Swift who plays the juvenile blonde madly in love with her hot beau Taylor Lautner.

The film fails to establish connect with the audience. Barring Julia’s track, none of the rest touches your heart, making the film as corny as the so called concept of Valentine’s Day. (With no offence to those who believe love can be best expressed on this and this day only) Ironically, a soul is what is missing in this so called tale of soul-mates!

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