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Jackpot (U)

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14 Jul 2006
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In his debut director Niranjan has very good support from the screenplay and dialogue writer K.Pravin Naik in delivering the needs of the audience. The right selection of artistes has given extra dose of importance to the subject he has selected. Good songs, neat and tidy flow of the film despite being a fantasy in some portions it is worth watching.

Four friends are eking out for livelihood by selling soaps. They have beautiful ladki Preethi in samnewale house. Ramesh and Raja are in love with Preethi. Both quite often quarrel on this ground but no one has studied what is the intention of Preethi. Their boss asks them to fix a period to know what Preethi has in her mind. Ramesh and Raja both take it as a challenge and as the deadline come near Ramesh seek the help of a mantrik. The magician convert Raja as a girl on a condition that he would be like that for six months and no one should arrest the modesty in this time. Otherwise Raja would remain as Laila for ever.

One fine morning Raja is Laila (Antara Biswas). The funny bones tickling start now. Laila knows that she is Raja and escape from the company of friends. In her journey Laila gets the position of heroine and earns everything in her life. What she is looking for is that she should become Raja. When three friends become friend to Laila she takes her to the house and explains the sorrow state of affairs. Ramesh realizes his flaws of cheating the friend and the route is clear now you would feel. But it is not so. Raja's friend goes in search of the same magician and arrange for the invoking of God. On the other hand Laila says good bye to films but the producers are not interested in this as she is the winning horse. Laila is chased on knowing her secrets. When Laila is about to he raped the magician in his room is successful in his work - Laila becomes Raja.

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