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12 May 2011
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Kannada actor Ganesh's Maleyali Jotheyali was a hit movie, which had created lot of curiosity about Golden Movies' second flick Kool... Sakkath Hot Maga. Moreover, Ganesh has taken up direction along with singing a song and these aspects had doubled the exceptions. But Kool is a magic without logic, which seems to disappoint movie buffs, including his fans.

Kool... Sakath Hot Maga is a revenge-cum-romantic film and Ganesh's acting is the major attraction of the film. Ratnavelu's camerawork, Harikrishna's music, beautiful locations, Sharan-Sadhu's comedy and costumes are the other highlights of the film. But the thin storyline and illogical scenes kill the beauty of the movie.Director Ganesh seems to have many scenes from a few Kannada and Hindi movies and this aspect makes it a weak and meek.

 The first half of the film is interesting with its comedy and sentimental scenes, but it lacks freshness and innovation. In the second half, the director seems to be hurrying to end the movie.Rahul (Ganesh) is a bindas guy, who is not interested in studies. He falls in love with Kajol (Sana Khan), who moves onto Hasiru Ghatta after Rahul is declared dead. But she finds another guy named Manohar Jaragahanalli (MJ), who has a similar personality to Rahul. MJ falls in love with Kajol. But she says that she still loves Rahul very much and no one else. What happens next will form an interesting part of the film.

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