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Sanju Weds Geetha (U/A)

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01 Apr 2011
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Sanju Weds Geetha has been inspired by late actor-cum-director Shankar Nag's hit film Geetha and it is dedicated to him only. Director Nagashekhar's selection of story is really wonderful. Although the story demands slow-paced narration, the director is successful in making it faster by including a few comedy and action sequences in the middle. It is a wonderful effort by Nagashekhar, but he could have been even more successful if he had avoided a few unjustifiable sequences.

Sanju Weds Geetha is a tragic love story and Srinagar Kitty and Ramya's superb performance is main attraction of the film. It is wonderful mixture of commercial elements. Jessi Gift's music, Satya Hegde's picturisation, comedy sequences, beautiful locations, costumes art direction, Ravi Varma's stunts and dialogues are the other highlights of the film. For success of all this element, Nagashekhar takes the first credit for making a careful selection of everything. The story of Sanju Weds Geetha is set in 1997 and it runs to till date. The movie has three plots and main plot deals with the story of two lovers. It is all about lovers, whose life turns tragic despite getting the consent of the parents for their marriage because their fate plays spoilsport in the life. The story is really heart touching and Nagashekhar should be applauded for making it a wonderful presentation on screen. The movie also highlights the tradition of Koduva.

In the first half, the romantic and comedy sequences have been mixed very nicely and this fusion helps the director to keep the pace of the story faster and viewers completely absorbed in the story. But in the middle of second half, he has used another plot, which distracts the attention of viewers. The narration seems to be hitting a rough patch all of a sudden. But it soon picks up and takes the viewers on jolly ride. The climax is so heart touching, but viewers refuse to accept it because it has some arbitrary scenes. The hero Sanju (Srinagar Kitty) is a ninth rank holder in CS Engineering from Mysore University. As he returns to his native Virajpeth after completing his studies, he falls in love with a girl called Geetha (Ramya). Meanwhile, he gets a job offer from American-based company. Despite knowing that she has been raped in her childhood, he comes forward to marry her. But on the day of their wedding, she is raped again. And this rape leads him to commit a murder and go to jail. What happens next will form an interesting part of the film.

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